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22nd-Nov-2011 11:43 am - Writer's Block: Occupy Wall-et
How much debt do you have?
Too much.
15th-Nov-2011 09:48 am - Writer's Block: It's payday!
What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Exchange it into UK pounds - much more useful for me! At the current exchange rate that's about 700,000 pounds - I would move home to somewhere near the sea.
6th-Nov-2011 06:27 pm - Unhelpful
Why is it that every time I try to post a comment on someone else's blog I get a "Server Not Found" error?
What would you do with your time if you had one more hour in the day?
It would make no difference to me. I'm retired. I have all the time I need - it's money I am short of!
4th-Nov-2011 09:44 am - Writer's Block: The last bite
What would be your last meal?
A grouper sandwich. Brings back memories of vacations in Florida (grouper is not available in Europe).
1st-Nov-2011 10:40 am - I Hate Halloween!
Those of you who are t'other side of the Pond look on Halloween as a pleasant almost joyful ocassion, but unfortunately in the UK (and other parts of Europe) the reality is rather different. The popular image of pre-school children in cute costumes running door-to-door collecting gifts just doesn't happen here. What we get instead, is gangs of teenagers roaming the streets creating havoc in the name of Halloween "fun".

Is it "fun" to smash someone's car window? Of the 52 houses in this street, 9 had car windows broken last night.

Is is "fun" to set fire to someone's garden shed? Only one garden-shed fire last night. Of course it could have been an accident, but considering that the last garden-shed fire in this neighbourhood was on Halloween last year, it's difficult to accept that it was just a co-incidence.

Is it "fun" to intimidate the elderly and infirm to the point that they are afraid to be out after dark (which means after 5pm here at this time of year)?

Something has to be done to stop this. I don't know what - but something has to de done.

30th-Oct-2011 12:21 pm - About the Bread.
UPDATE: What did it taste like? I've no idea. I didn't eat it.

When I sliced it, the inside was still soggy and not properly cooked. I used the same program on the breadmaker as I always use, and the same recipe. So the only variation was the fact that the ingredients were out of date. The loaf had risen as much as I would expect, so I think the dried yeast is okay, so I am presuming that the problem was the flour.

I have a bag of fresh, new flour, so I have put another loaf in to bake.

Watch this space!
30th-Oct-2011 11:33 am - Ecce panis!
Behold the bread!

I wonder what it tastes like?
30th-Oct-2011 01:49 am - To Rise or Not To Rise..........
I used to make my own bread almost every day (with a breadmaker - none of this hand-kneading and mixing stuff), but lately I have got out of the habit. Well, I was sat watching nothing in particular on the TV this evening when I was seized by the thought "Why not make some bread?"

Have I got all the ingredients? Flour - check. Dried yeast - check. Sunflower seeds - check. Butter, sugar, salt, dried milk - check. Looks like we're good to go. It isn't complicated. Measure out the ingredients and put them all in the breadmaker. Put the sunflower seeds in the raisin hopper (it drops them in the bread-mix just before baking starts. Plug in, set the program, set the timer so that it is ready at breakfast time and GO.

As I was putting the rest of the flour back I noticed the "Best Before.." date - October 2010. Hmmmm.....made me look at the other ingredients. Yeast - Best Before May 2010. Butter - Best Before December 2010 (but it has been in a very cold deep-freeze). Sunflower seeds - Best Before January 2010.

Oh well.....I wonder how my bread will turn-out. I'll know tomorrow morning.
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